Hello everyone! We are the CQ team responsible for the English used in the game 😊.
We’d like to take the time to share with you some of our thoughts regarding our work on Colloquial.

In thinking of the English words/phrases to use, the team used several references; however, since the game was entitled “Colloquial,” we focused on words/phrases that can be easily used in everyday conversation. The overall flow of the lesson section of the game was mainly based on speaking materials that are available from the US Department of State’s American English site. Although only in English, there are a lot of resources there for English learners (and teachers) and they are all free, so, if you have time, please take a look (https://americanenglish.state.gov/resources-0).

One of our goals with this game was to be able to show that English, just like Japanese or any other language, is rich and diverse. To show that there is not just one way to say what you want to say. Even within our team, all 3 of us chose 3 different ways to say we’re hungry (I used “I’m starving,” and the other two used “FOOD!!!” and “FEED ME!” 😉). We thought that, if we could at least communicate even a fraction of how much variation there is in the language, even among those who speak it every day, then we would have done a good job.

Most importantly, though, was that we wanted to give people an opportunity to come in contact with English and, through this game, just maybe provide an opportunity for more people to become interested in English, and perhaps even like the language, even if just a little bit.

We will be happy to answer any questions, so if you have any or have suggestions, please feel free to send them to the operations team and they will make sure we get them. We hope you continue to enjoy the game!



このゲームを通して、私たちが一つお伝えしたかったのは、英語が(日本語や他に言語とも同じく)いかに豊か且つ多様な言語であること、一つの事を話すには表現は一つだけではないことです。チーム内でも「お腹すいた」と表現する際に全員が見事にバラバラの表現を使いました(私は「I’m starving」、残りは「FOOD!!!」と「FEED ME!」でした)。普段母国語として使っていても英語表現にはこんなにも色々なバリエーションがありますよと改めて再認識し、この多様性を少しでも皆さんにお伝え出来たら嬉しく思います。